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What Ruins Your Phone Battery ?

After Plenty of Google searches, plenty of articles read and plenty of videos watched on youtube, I can now dive into the question above. What ruins your phone battery?

Now there has been a popular argument that fast charging does affect/ ruin your battery health, and here is what I found out about that. So, Those numbers that you keep seeing with the 100 watts and 150 Watts fast charging, that’s not the constant rate of charging that’s just the peak, the maximum that they’re capable of. So a 100 Watt fast charger, for example, will typically only hit 100 watts for the first few minutes. Pretty early on in the charge from low battery, and then taper off and basically only trickle charge at a lower wattage after around 80%, and you can see that if you get one of these incredibly nerdy cables with the display on it, which allows you to see how much power your phone is accepting while charging. So now you can be sure that your phone won’t blow up or the battery be damaged as a result of using fast charging.

Does Fast Charging Ruin Your Battery?

And yes, batteries do degrade over time the Apple iPhone as you may have noticed, allows you to literally visualize it. Shows the percentage, so if you go to settings, battery, and battery health, you’ll see your iPhone’s degradation rating as a number ranging from one to 100. What causes this ? one may ask, the answer would be that as charge cycles and the ions pass through that electrolyte solution which is found inside the lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries used in all of the phones being produced today, it slowly breaks it down. This is totally natural and can’t really be avoided as you charge the phone more and more.

But what really affects your/ ruins your battery is heat. If you are that person that likes to plug your phone into the charger while using it, this most of the time will result in it heating up, now you know that you are damaging that battery of yours the more you do that action. Another way most people expose their phones to heat is by leaving them in the dash of their cars on a sunny day. Heat is no good, so clearly the goal here is to minimize any excess heat around that battery, which would damage it faster than normal.

So the way to go to achieve desired battery health is to use our phones normally and basically don’t give them any extra reason to get hot. Gaming while plugged in for long periods of time, stuff like that if you can avoid as they can get your phone super hot, either way now you have the answer thanks for reading.

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