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Top 5 most secure Social Media Apps.

Internet privacy has become a hot topic recently due to the increase in suppressive regimes around the world and ruthless hackers. The commonplace “private chat leaks” and hacks have augmented the need to use safe and encrypted social apps. Whatever your motivation may be, below are the most secure social media apps.

  1. Signal. This app has attained recognition in the messaging security world for its near foolproof security features. Governments and cyber security professionals all over the world have including US Congress touted it as the most secure free social messaging app.

Security Features:

  1. App Password lock. Signal provides an option to lock your app hence ensuring privacy even when your phone lands in the wrong hands.
  2. End to End encryption. Messages sent and received can only be viewed by the concerned parties (sender and receiver). Signal also provides encrypted calls (voice and video).
  3. Self-destruct messages. The app enables you to make messages “disappear” after a certain period of time.
  4. Open Source code. Signals source code can be audited and viewed by anyone enabling the fixing of flaws, bugs, and backdoors.

2. Wickr Me. This app comes in two versions; Wickr Me and Wickr Pro, the latter being a paid service-based app for enterprises and the former a personal messaging app.

Security Features:

  1. End to End Encryption. Messages sent and received on the app can only be viewed by the concerned parties.
  2. Screenshot detector. The app sends a notification whenever one of your messages is a screenshot which is pretty awesome.
  3. Blocks 3rd Parties. The app blocks 3rd party apps like keyboards from storing your data like keywords, passwords, usernames, etc.

3. Dust. The app is popular for its “dust”. These are text or graphic images that disappear like dust after a set time elapses.

Security Features:

  1. No data storage. Messages sent or received on this app are not stored on any servers or devices and therefore can be erased at any moment. It also offers “auto dust” where massages are deleted after 24hrs.
  2. End to End Encryption. The app provides effective encryption for only “text” messages.
  3. Screenshot detector. If a screenshot is affected on; Android, the name of the sender disappears. On iOs, you receive an alert.

4. Telegram. The Russian app stirred a debate for being “ISIS” preferred communication channel.

Security Features:

  1. Account self-destruct. A telegram account is designed to self-destruct after at least 6months of being inactive. This ensures that vital information remains a secret even when an account is compromised.
  2. Passcode lock. The app provides for a 4digit passcode hence keeping intruders away.
  3. Self-destruct messages. The app provides for messages in “private chats” to self-destruct after a stipulated time frame.

5. Whatsapp. Currently, the most popular messaging app with over 250 million subscribers.

Security Features:

  1. End to End encryption. The app provides a secure encryption protocol that also covers voice/ video calls.
  2. Encryption Verification. The app allows you to verify your security code (60 digit number) or a QR code.
  3. Whatsapp also provides a “two-step verification feature and does not store non-received messages past 30days.

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