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Top 5 Brutally Devastating Cyber Hacks That Prove No System Is Hacker Proof

We have seen unbelievable cyber-attacks, firsthand. Recent hack events have undoubtablely proven that no system is actually hacker-proof, Ever.

From Government Agencies to Private Companies, celebrities, and high profile individuals, small or large, cyber-attacks have taken their portion of fame these past 3 years. In this article, we’ll review the most brutal and devastating of them all. Starting from the nudes.

1. The Fappening

This was a massive hack that overwhelmed the internet with viral Nudes in August of 2014. The fappening leaked a great number of Nude Photos for Celebrities by breaking into third-party applications connected to services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Apple’s iCloud, The Fappening mainly aimed to female celebrities and included Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst among others

Another fappening was after a few months later but this time was called “The Snappening” mainly because it was aimed at Snapchat users and ended up leaking over 100,000 nude photos and videos.

2. Hacking Team Hacked

Hacking Team is a spyware company that sells intrusion and surveillance software to Government and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. The company has a specialty of making RCT (Remote Control Systems) which are typically solutions to remotely tap into targeted systems.

In April 2016, Unknown hackers defaced Hacking Team’s Twitter account, then hacked and leaked over 400 Gigabytes of sensitive data. The leaked data included: Source code, Executive Emails, Government client list, date of purchase, and the amount paid among others.

Critics say Lack of good protection implementations and using weak passwords may have caused this hack

3. Ashley Madison Data Breach

A website called “Ashley Madison” is an online Married Dating portal for extramarital affairs with the slogan “Life is Short. Have an Affair”, was hacked.

The popular marriage cheating website was hacked by a hacker group known as ‘The Impact Team’. The group gained and leaked 10 gigabytes of personal data like Full names and emails of the millions of customers on the website. The hack was Frequently followed by others where hackers released 20 more GBs, these included not just personal information of customers and employees, but the website and mobile app’s source code too.

4. The US Government (OPM)

21.5 Million. That’s the amount of personal data that was breached at the United States Office of personal management (US OPM). This is an independent agency of the United States which recruit, retain, and honor a world-class workforce for the American people.

The compromised data included Social Security Numbers, Fingerprints, residency, financial history, educational background, and much more. Among these are findings from interviews conducted by background investigators with sexual assaults, drug usage, etc. This information was most of the US government officials and could be used for a lot including identity theft.

The hackers ware believed to be China-based but ware never confirmed with conclusive evidence

5. The Sony Pictures Hack

A Hacking group is known as GOP (Guardians Of Peace), made news in 2015 when they hacked the piece out of Sony Pictures.

The hackers leaked a subsequent amount of the company’s data on WikiLeaks and posted unreleased movies like Still Alice, Annie, Mr. Turner, Fury among others to torrent sites. This was not all, GOP also leaked OVER 100 gigabytes of confidential data like movie scripts, employee records, celebrity contact information, and their travel aliases.

This attack was in response to the release of the movie “The Interview” which North Korean wasn’t pleased with. This movie was moved to Netflix after hackers threatened 9 of 11 Theaters showing it. This was not the first time Sony pictures were targeted but sure was the most brutal of them all.

That should mark the end of this list. Since this list was about the top 5 that proved something, we didn’t talk about hacks of all times. Other hacks like Samsung Electronics, Vodafone, FBI portal breach, Multiple US financial institutions, and media companies ware all not talked about. You may take a look at “World’s Biggest Data Breaches”, how big and when At Information Is Beautiful

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