Top 3 wireless earbuds that offer value for money.

Are you tired of untying wires to pick a call in public? or you want to go about your chores hands and wire free? in comes BT enabled earbuds, whether its for the music or simply noise cancellation. There are tons of earbuds available on the market but here is a guide on those we have reviewed to help you choose a suitable pair according to these essential catergories: Price, Sound quality and Comfort.

Lets dive into it!

Question: What is your budget?
If your want best output at lowest price available then the best earbuds available are the;
Redmi Airdots.

Price: 25-30$ (90-120k Ugx)
Ups: – Cheap and affordable price
-minimalistic look (come in black only)
-Super fast BT conmectivity.
downs: – Dull in appearence ( since they come in only black color).
– Weaker battrey (compared with competition)

Sound Quality:
Question: Do you want to hear every tiny winy detail in the music you listen too? or you dont want to miss any word in your zoom class?
Galaxy earbuds+

Price; About 130$ (300-400k Ugx)
Ups: -13 hrs of battrey life in one charge.
-High sound quality delivered by AKG sound.
– They can charge Wireless.
– Earbuds case can wirelessly charge Galaxy devices.
Donws: – Expensive!
– limited BT accessibility.

Question: Do you intend to use earbuds for streanous activities and for long periods like working out, zoom sessions?
If the answer is Yes then comfort should be your #1 priority. Apple outdid themselves with the
Airpod’s pro;

Price: A hefty $249 (700-800k Ugx)
Ups: -Automatic ear adaption.
designed to deliver Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound, Transparency mode so you can hear your surroundings, and a customizable fit for all-day comfort.
downs: -Expensive!
-Mono colored.

So, whatever the persuasion, you can get the right earbuds for the right task. Donot get stuck in the “old days”, the world is moving wireless!

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