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This Website Will Enable You Make Obama Say Any Thing You Want

Ever wanted to hear the former president say something but you just can’t make him say it? There is this website that does exactly that. Talk Obama To Me is a website made by a linguistic Student at Stanford by the names Ed king, and it does just that for you.

As the name itself, “Talk Obama To Me” will let visitors hear whatever they want to be said by the former president of the United States; Barack Obama by making him talk on the website

This amazing website combines previous video and voice recorded footage of Barack Obamas’s speech at different intervals in time from different places to create full sentences as wanted by the website visitor.

How it works

The website gives you an input section on the site to add the exact word(s) you want the former president to say for you.  A “Talk” button is located at the button of the input section. This button signals the processes of the words typed and then out puts a video and the corresponding audio of exactly what’s Typed in the input section.

While the website is fun to play with, you may not get that exact sound and fluent audio you would get when Obama constructs a sentence in real life. But, Yea. It’s FUN

Find the Website at

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