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SafeBoda new terms and Conditions might force you quit using it.

Popular ride-hailing app Safeboda with a userbase of more than 1 million, in a surprise move, has updated its terms and conditions. Narrowing down on the new set terms and conditions  that are in place. This has stirred a huge debate about SafeBoda keeping the user interest at stake. The new terms and conditions must be accepted before you proceed to use the app. SafeBoda has made changes to its privacy policy that you are free to read through before you accept or can reject and risk losing the app.

The new terms and conditions indicate that the ride-hailing app will not be liable for any damages, direct, incidental, and or consequential, arising out of the use of SafeBoda, including, without limitation, damages arising out of communicating and or meeting with other participants of SafeBoda, or introduced to you via SafeBoda.


It also went on to clarify that it has no responsibility whatsoever for the actions or conduct of any service providers or Users.

We have no obligation to intervene in any way in disputes that may arise between drivers, riders, or third parties. Responsibility for the decisions made regarding providing or accepting transportation rests solely with the User.

What does this mean to the end users?

This means that the company will not be responsible for the actions of any service providers. Meaning, if you make an order through the ride-hailing app, like delivering a package to your desired destination and the rider, in this case, fails to deliver the package, you won’t make a complaint to the company and if you do there will be no remedy since the company is not liable which was not the case were users in the past had complaints about service providers and would make complaints through the company’s lines of communication.

More of the New Terms and Conditions Can be found here SafeBoda Terms and Conditions

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