Talent Magnetism (Book Summary)

What’s it about?

In Talent Magnetism, author Roberta Chinsky Matuson reveals how to transform your workplace into an environment that attracts top talent like a magnet. The book proposes practical advice on developing a strategy to stay ahead of the competition by identifying how evolving technology and a new generation of workers have changed business in the twenty-first century.

About the author:

Roberta Chinsky Matuson is the president of Matuson Consulting and an expert blogger for Fast Company and Forbes. She has advised Best Buy, Monster, and Staples on recruiting talent and company growth.

Embrace the new generation of talent:

Most CEOs and senior executives struggle with finding exceptional talent nowadays. You might assume that there would be at least a reasonable amount of great talent since many people are searching for jobs. However, that’s not the case. Numerous positions remain empty in many companies because the skills people possess are not the skills the company is looking for.

There aren’t enough people filling the important chairs in the workplace because workers suffer to stay up to date with any technological development or change. This is a clear reason why companies should invest in programs that will ensure the attraction of the right employees.

Statistics showed that starting 2018, up to 1.4 million tech jobs will become valid in the US, yet only 400,000 college students will be able to fill them.

Many successful companies like NeuStar planned by investing in a technological, informational, and digital media center for young adults to treat this issue.

Another recommendation to attract talent is to get involved in a local university program to sponsor your company for undergraduates to aspire to work in it after they graduate.

Be aware that attracting employees isn’t the only focus; you need to learn the needs of the next generation’s talents and what they will expect from you in the big and small picture, which you’ll learn how to deal with in the following.

Figure out the difference between employing and attracting people. Make your company a catch!

For a relationship between an employee and his company to thrive, both should be attracted to one another. The company should be irresistible to a potential employee just the same way he should be for the company.

For starters, employee recognition and rewards are vital in any workplace. Employees appreciate even the slightest gesture of gratitude from their bosses. The Ceo of Linkedin gave all of his workers an iPad to thank them for their hard work. Right away, the news reached everywhere as the employees babbled about how great their jobs are. This created a recruiting advertisement for Linkedin like no other.

Similar measures make an organization wanted by any job hunter. it doesn’t even require a huge budget. A simple break or breakfast can be just as appreciated by employees. Modest offerings go a long way, no matter how small.

Besides appreciating your employees, make your company a magnet to the best talents by standing out from the crowd. Make sure to make your organization wanted not by those who want to pay the bills but by the ones looking for challenges and professional growth.

Reassess and focus the light on the magnetism your organization already has:

Even if you are the best and most innovative company in the business, it doesn’t matter if people don’t know you are. In business, image is everything, therefore making people perceive your company positively should be a vital part of your goals. To achieve that, your first move should be made towards your employment brand – the way your current and past employees see your company.

To have a powerdul emloyement brand that attracts hard workers, you need to find the answers to some questions:

  1. What is the attractive thing about your company?
  2. What makes the best talent at your company stay put and not leave?
  3. Why does your company stand out from others?
  4. Is your company’s environment creative and innovative?
  5. What’s the best way you would describe your company?
  6. How do outside employees describe yours?

Ask your employees and your customers to answer those questions as well. Then compare those answers with how you think your company’s environment should be.

To promote your business even further, online is where you should go. Fancy brochures and huge billboard ads don’t cut it anymore. You need to plan your next steps in a very sophisticated way.

Feature your brand on social media outlets and websites. Allocate a team to represent your brand and assign them to design recruitment pages on your website. You should budget for what you need to show the image you want. this means employing professional videographers and photographers…

Then, create a job board on different platforms like Facebook, where people drop their resumes directly and see your advertising campaigns first hand.

Attracting employees through social media is fairly low risk and cost. And if you find a better plan for your business, you can drop this one easily and risk-free.

Stand up for your rivals now. Keep a “plan B” near:

Believe it or not, your recruitment choices can determine whether you’ll emerge victorious over your rivals or not. While most companies are searching for talent to fulfill their short-term goals, you should aim for the most talented workers for the long run. Your long-term intentions should be a sustainable work environment, where you’ll achieve both your long and short-term goals and ensure your employees’ happiness and loyalty.

When hiring new employees, they should have great knowledge and technical and well-rounded skills. Those are vital for long-term triumph. For example, the Ritz-Carlton hotel’s policy allows employees to spend up to 2,000$ on ensuring the customer’s happiness and satisfaction. It might seem over the top lavish, but this can be 10$ cashback or an apology effort for an order mistake on a smaller scale.

Instead of realizing to change when you see your business is finally failing, take action now by investing in your staff. Be a boss trusted by his employees. Cultivate a safe and comfortable work environment. Make your business a place for personal and professional growth. Make sure to make everyone feel respected and appreciated. No one would let down such an exemplary boss.

This way, not only will you benefit your company, but have a great influence on other people as well.

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