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Spectacular Henry Ford Quotes You Should Know

Henry Ford was much more than the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He was an industrialist and a pioneer that changed every industry forever.

Because he was a visionary who found success way ahead of his time, it makes sense that he would have a fair amount of wisdom to share with anyone who’s looking to turn their dream into a reality.

And, there’s no better way to surmise the experience and knowledge of Henry Ford that with a few of the best Henry Ford quotes.

The Best Henry Ford Quotes

Mr. Ford knew exactly how powerful words could be, during the span of his career he wrote and published several books. Because he so understood and believed in the power of the written word, throughout his life he said and wrote many powerful phrases we can still use to better ourselves today.

Here are five of the best Henry Ford quotes that every creator, inventor, and budding entrepreneur should know.

Anyone Who Stops Learning Is Old, Whether at 20 or 80. Anyone Who Keeps Learning Stays Young.

Your education doesn’t end at graduation. Henry understood that the world is vast and ever-changing, so there will always be something new to learn.

Unlike Mr. Ford, we have immediate and constant access to the most comprehensive wealth of information in the world: the Internet. So, continuing your education is much easier now than it was back when the Model-T roamed the streets.

Quality Means Doing It Right When No One Is Looking.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of slacking off if no one is around to monitor your work. But, maintaining the same quality standard when no one’s watching, not just in your work but in your life, is the only way to reach true, lasting success.

Failure Is Only The Opportunity More Intelligently to Begin Again.

Mr. Ford understood that failure is an inevitable part of life. But, he also knew that those failures were a golden opportunity to learn lessons you wouldn’t otherwise, and to start fresh.

A Business That Makes Nothing but Money Is a Poor Business.

It’s one of those classic business mistakes so many failing startups make. While you want your business to be lucrative, that cannot be your only goal. If you only focus on your profits, you won’t build a strong enough foundation to support growth and longevity.

Chop Your Own Wood and It Will Warm You Twice.

If you do your work yourself, not only will the fruits of your labor be a bit sweeter, but you’ll learn from and understand every part of the process. And that extra knowledge will help make your next task easier.

If these quotes inspired you to pick up one of Henry’s namesake vehicles for yourself, visit here.

Using Henry’s Wisdom in Modern Times

It’s almost impossible to find an aspect of modern life that wasn’t affected by the work of Mr. Ford. So, it makes sense that the lessons he taught would still be applicable today.

The lessons in these Henry Ford quotes can connect to any field, circumstance, or person. And, by applying their teachings to your everyday life, you’ll be able more readily guide yourself toward your goals.

Are you looking for a few more words of wisdom to motivate you along your path to greatness? We’ve got you covered.

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