Researchers Discover The Reason Everyone ignores PC Security Warnings

No one really likes Microsoft’s practice of downloading and installing windows updates, research however found that the blame is on you.

90 percent of all computer users ignore security warnings and other alerts. This is according to a study conducted by Brigham Young University. 74 percent of users ignored security messages that popped up while closing a web browser window. The lead author of the study Jeff Jenkins argues that about 79 percent ignored messages if they were watching a video, 87 percent ignore a pop-up if it came as they were concentrating on typing a confirmation code correctly.   most of the time this happens when we are busy performing some other task. They found that being interrupted result in lower neural activity after conducting MRI tests

“We found that the brain can’t handle multitasking very well,” said study co-author and BYU information systems professor Anthony Vance, in a statement issued by BYU. “Software developers categorically present these messages without any regard to what the user is doing. They interrupt us constantly and our research shows there’s a high penalty that comes by presenting these messages at random times.”

Windows 10’s Windows Update downloads patches in the background, then install them when your PC is not in use.

According to the research found, users were more likely to pay attention and respond to warning when it was delivered after watching a video, in the meantime waiting for a page to load or after interacting with a website.

According to BYU, Google is using the finding by incorporating some of the research inside Google chrome browser for windows to better alert users of malicious websites.

In our opinion, we think there are way too many reasons someone may not pay attention to any type of pc warning, including and tired brain, too many popups at a time, among others. What do you think?

If you got any ideas on why people don’t pay good attention to PC Warnings, Or u got your own reasons, Please hit us with a comment down below.

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