Celebrating The Success Of The Utility Challenge

A Unique Engagement Venture

We want to take a moment to congratulate all participants who wholeheartedly took part in the Pi2Day Utility Challenge. This challenge was the first of its kind and focused on raising engagement with the Pi ecosystem and its utilities—a key Enclosed Mainnet objective. By actively engaging with the Pi Apps, platform, and community programs through this 11-action activity, Pioneers have truly demonstrated their dedication and showcased the collective spirit of the Pi community. By exploring Pi and working in new ways, our Pioneers helped break new ground in coming together to contribute to ecosystem utility.

The Challenge overview.

In just seven days, we were astounded by the participation. Nearly 5 million Pioneers across more than 240 countries and regions contributed to the success of this multi-step challenge. Similarly, countless prizes were unlocked, including the coveted color gradient theme on their PiChats username as well as a top-finishers’ badge, which Pioneers were able to show off to their peers.

Top Prize: Something to proudly wear.

Congratulations to all the Utility Challenge finishers! In addition to unlocking the finishers badge on Chats, Pioneers who completed the challenge in its entirety were also entered into a raffle. From these entrants, we randomly selected 50 lucky winners who will receive a special edition Pi2Day 2023 t-shirt. The winners were selected through a randomized process to ensure everyone had an equal chance of receiving this unique Pi memento.

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PiArt: A Spark of Creativity

As another first for the community, we introduced images to the Fireside Forum, kick starting the PiArt Festival on the #PiArt channel with a new image posting feature for the web3 social app.

Running parallel to Pi2Day Utility Challenge, the PiArt Festival called on Pioneers to post their art on Fireside Forum with the theme: Visualize a day in a Pi-powered World. Of the more than 2,000 works of PiArt submitted during the Utility Challenge, the Core Team has chosen, with input from the decentralized support on Fireside Forum, the top five PiArt pieces to showcase.

The pieces of PiArt below were chosen based on criteria including addressing the theme, originality, quality, and the number of tokens received. In the spirit of Pi2day, the authors of these pieces will also be receiving a special edition Pi2Day 2023 t-shirt.

In the coming days, T-shirt winners from the Utility Challenge and the PiArt Festival will be contacted through a notification on the Pi App home screen to collect their shipping details.

*Please note that shipping may be subject to exclusions due to certain sanctioned regions or logistics restrictions.

Conclusion: The Start Of Something Great

Overall, the results of the Pi2Day events are a reflection of continual engagement and excitement we see every day in the Pi Network community. The level of participation we witnessed during the Utility Challenge was impressive and we’re thrilled that so many Pioneers enjoyed the experience as much as we did. While this was the first Utility Challenge of its kind, it will certainly not be the last. We look forward to organizing more such events in the future to bring our community closer and create a more vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

Thank you all again for making this Pi2Day 2023 celebration a remarkable one! We look forward to many more such exciting events in the future.

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Source: Pi Network Website

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