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Most Used Passwords In 2022

Most used passwords in 2022

The importance of setting strong passwords is being under-looked by most of the users who continue to set up weak passwords which are easy to guess for an attacker. A strong password is a key to protecting your digital assets, be it your GMAIL account or even your Bank account. I have been to a friend’s home where everyone in the house used qwerty as passwords to their computers….imagine the risk.

A recommended password

Most Used Passwords in 2022

If you have a weak password then it is a simple walk for hackers, they can easily gain access to your account by using brute force techniques. A strong password should have at least six to nine characters that include a combination of upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers as indicated in the image above.

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List of the most commonly used passwords in 2019

  1. 12345
  2. 123456
  3. 123456789
  4. test1
  5. password
  6. 12345678
  7. zinch
  8. g_czechout
  9. asdf
  10. qwerty
  11. 1234567890
  12. 1234567
  13. Aa123456.
  14. iloveyou
  15. 1234
  16. abc123
  17. 111111
  18. 123123
  19. dubsmash
  20. test
  21. princess
  22. qwertyuiop
  23. sunshine
  24. BvtTest123
  25. 11111
  26. 00000
  27. 000000
  28. password1
  29. monkey
  30. livetest

How to be safe

  • Use a complex password, enforce a strong password policy “-read about the recommended password in this article above.”
  • Check the password regularly, Use two-factor authentication(2FA) for vital sites like managing an account and Emails, make sure all the passwords are unique.
  • Change the Manufactures’ default Password that gadgets are issued before they are conveyed to the IT Department.
  • Use password managers.

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