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Metaverse: The next technological epoch is upon us.


If your’not on discord or even (Atleast) on #nftTweeter You must be wondering what the ” Metaverse” is and why you should give a F@*#k about it.

Welcome to the metaverse, a virtual space with alternate digital realities where people work, play, and socialize. According to wikipedia : [Metaverse] “is the hypothesized next iteration [Version] of the internet, supporting decentralized, persistent online 3-D virtual environments.[1][2] This virtual space will be accessible through virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, PCs, and game consoles”. In other words The Meta is Web3 .

Why you should care!

The internet has grown to become apart of every humans life. The internet is not avoidable “Today” like it was say 5years ago due to the #Covid19 pandemic. Everyone needed to be online inorder to communicate with family during lockdowns, or to study, or to socialise.

2D applications have until recently dominated the internet e.g Social media apps, Telecommunications apps like Zoom etc. With the rapid growth in major milestones needed for the expansion of the technology like crypto currencies, the existence of digital wallets to store Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) etc the development of “Web3” has flourished in the last two years that has attracted major Tech Big wigs like Mark Zuckerberg’s attention. The Facebook now “Meta” CEO owns two other companies (Oculus; makes VR glasses and Facebook labs) that are working for the realisation of the Metaverse in the foreseeable future. Zuckerberg is too invested in the idea that he changed facebook’s name. That is also a sign that Facebook is going to be a central part of the Metaverse.


Facebook alone with more than 2billion active monthly users hold tremendous influence. Wait it’s Not Facebook alone, Roblox, Epic Games and Microsoft, are investing in research in metaverse-related technologies to make it more cost effective and more widely available through the development of ” Web3 applications”. These will be the platform and port of access to the Web3 aka Metaverse.

Currently the Web3 apps are in use in 3D video gaming. The Metaverse rather isn’t limited to video gaming or social media, it will support all other social aspects of life just as it does today but in a virtual environment. Imagine walking down the street. Suddenly, you think of a product you need. Immediately next to you, a vending machine appears, filled with the product and variations you were thinking of. You stop, pick an item from the vending machine, it’s shipped to your house, and then continue on your way. Currently, you can only experience the internet when you go to it, but with new connectivity, devices and technologies, we’ll be able to experience it all around every single day. 

Kevin Kelly wrote a cover story in 2019 titled “Welcome to the Mirrorworld”. In it, he describes how augmented reality will spark the next big tech platform. In essence, “we are building a 1-to-1 map of almost unimaginable scope. When it’s complete, our physical reality will merge with the digital universe.” In other words, get ready to meet your digital twin, and the digital twin of your house, your country, your office, and even your life. 

Today, the metaverse is a shared virtual space where people are represented by digital avatars (think Ready Player One). The virtual world constantly grows and evolves based on the decisions and actions of the society within it. Eventually, people will be able to enter the metaverse, completely virtually (i.e. with virtual reality) or interact with parts of it in their physical space with the help of augmented and mixed reality.

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