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Locate Anyone Using Photos They Post

When we take photos using phones or cameras, bits of information known as Metadata is automatically added to the image, information such as the camera used to capture the image, the ISO setting, and other details that photo editors may require. However, GPS coordinates are being added as well, and one may ask why but the reason for the GPS coordinates is so that you can trace back to where the photo was taken, which is pretty cool.

So you’ve got your photo, complete with GPS coordinates, and you have to be worried that if you share it on social media, you’ll unintentionally reveal your exact location. And this is how you can locate anyone using photos you post. Let’s dive into the details of how to do away with this because some sites like Flickr keep your metadata. So you can be exposed to scummers and stalkers as well, and this brings us to the question below.

How do you get the Metadata out of your photos?

Obviously, the first option is to disable geotagging in your phone’s photos. You can enable or disable Save Location by going to your camera’s settings.

The second option works for photos that had already been taken before disabling the save location feature in your camera settings. And this can be done by either using a computer or phone.

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  1. Using A Computer

(i) First, Transfer all my photos from my phone to my computer.

(ii) Then, Right-click on the photo file and click on Properties and a pop up window like below will appear.

Locate Anyone Using Photos They Post

(iii) Click on the Details tab.

Locate Anyone Using Photos They Post

(iv) You can see the metadata that is associated with the photo here. At the bottom, select “remove properties and personal information.” Then select the option to remove all personal information.

Locate Anyone Using Photos They Post

(v) And now you can share your photo knowing that it’s safe.

2. Using Phone

  1. Find the photo you want to upload to social media
  2. Open the image
  3. Take a screenshot of it.
  4. Edit out the stuff on the top and bottom of the image
  5. Upload the screenshot and upload it

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