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How To Make Money Sending Emails

Free to Get Started

In this post, you’ll learn how to make money by sending emails and get started with email marketing for free.

You have a list of 1000 email subscribers, and you sell a product with a price tag of $10. With a conversion rate of only 1%, you can make $100 with just one email.

Imagine how much money you could make with 100K email subscribers by offering them a $20-$50 product with 2-3% conversion. Even the sky is no longer the limit in email marketing.

With the rise of social media, people believe that email marketing is dead. But it’s still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and earn profits.

The key is to send high-quality content that your subscribers want to read. If you can do that, then you can expect them to convert. And if they convert, you can make a lot of money with emails.

How to Make Money Sending Emails (Free to Get Started)

In this 4-step guide, you will learn to make money by sending emails. This is a great way to start your service or any online business with, and it’s free to get started!

Make a Free Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that you create to capture leads. It’s a standalone page designed to get people to enter their email addresses.

There are many different types of landing pages, but the most common is the form landing page. This type of landing page has a form where people can enter their email addresses.

Your goal is to get as many people to enter their email addresses as possible. You can do this by creating a valuable lead magnet and promoting your landing page on social media and other channels.

Create a Free Landing Page With

You can, of course, create a landing page with Elementor or Divi on WordPress. But if you want to create a standalone page for a special offer, the best option would be to use is an all-in-one email marketing tool that helps you create high-quality landing pages, build sales funnels, and more. You can create beautiful pages without any coding experience.

Best of all, it’s free to get started. And it’s free forever as long as you have 2000 contacts. Not bad for beginners, right?

Once you have someone’s email address, you can add them to your mailing list and start marketing to them.

Create a Free Lead Magnet

If you go to my digital marketing ebooks and choose to download one of them, you’ll have a pop-up to grab your email address. I use it to send that ebook to your inbox. That ebook is a lead magnet, while the page is a landing page for ebooks.

A lead magnet is an incentive you offer to someone in exchange for their email address. It can be a free ebook, a video course, or anything valuable to your target market.

The key is to ensure that the lead magnet is high-quality and relevant to your audience. If it’s not, they will not enter their email address.

You can use this same idea to start growing your email list. Offer something valuable in exchange for someone’s contact information. Once you have their email address, you can start marketing to them.

How to Create a Lead Magnet in Canva & Make Money Sending Emails

Canva is a brilliant online design tool that makes it easy to create professional-looking designs. It’s free to use, and there are many different templates and tools to create your lead magnet.

Here’s how to create a lead magnet using Canva:

1. Decide on what type of lead magnet you want to create.

2. Choose a relevant template.

3. Include your content or get it from PLR websites. (I’ll cover this after a while)

4. Use elements, text, and images to stylize your lead magnet (ebook in this case).

5. Choose the right format, PDF for the ebook.

And you can easily download and share your lead magnet with your audience. Let me throw light on how you can create a free lead magnet using PLR sites.

Build a Lead Magnet for Free Using PLR Sites

Another free method to build a lead magnet is to use PLR sites. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and it refers to content that you can use however you like, including as a lead magnet.

There are many different PLR sites online, and most of them offer high-quality content that you can use for free. You need to find a relevant PLR article and customize it for your audience.

These are some of the best PLR websites:

You can also create your lead magnet by writing an original article. This is a good option if you want to create a unique lead magnet relevant to your target market.

Build Email List for Free With Sales Funnel

As I promised you at the start of this post, I’ll help you learn how to make money by sending emails for absolutely free. You can create an entire sales funnel for free using

A sales funnel an entire sales process. It’s a way to move someone from being a prospect to becoming a customer.

For this, I’ve started with zero contacts in my list. And I’m going to use the sales funnel to help me grow my list for free.

Here’s how to create a sales funnel using

1. Log in to your free account.

2. Go to ‘Funnels.’

3. Click on ‘Create’ a new sales funnel.

4. Enter the name of your sales funnel and set the goal ‘Build on audience.’

5. Create different pages for your sales funnel with a list of templates.

For example, a squeeze page is a great way to capture someone’s email address. And a thank you page helps you build a relationship with your subscriber.

And you can, of course, create more steps in your sales funnel.

6. Add your content and customize the pages to match your brand with the web page builder.

7. Add a contact form to your squeeze page and track conversions.

8. Set your ‘Custom Domains’ by going to ‘Settings’ in the dashboard.

Of course, you need to add CNAME to your DNS records to confirm your domain ownership.

9. Start driving traffic to your sales funnel and watch your list grow!

You can also use‘s autoresponder to email your subscribers. This is a great way to keep in touch with them and make money sending emails.

Create a Free Pop-up Using

You can also create a free pop-up using A pop-up is a great way to capture someone’s email address and grow your list.

Here’s how to create a free pop-up using

1. Log in to your free account.

2. Create a new sales funnel.

3. Create a step, name it, and choose the ‘pop-up’ type.

4. Decide on the perfect pop-up template.

5. Design pop-up on page builder.

6. Copy the small script and paste it wherever you want your pop-up to appear.

7. Publish and start capturing email addresses!

So, these are some of the best methods to create a free lead magnet and grow your email list for free.

Do you want to explore premium ways to create a pop-up for your site or blog? Then Master Popups is an excellent plugin to check out. It offers many features and options to help you create the perfect pop-up for your business.

  • Buy Master Popups on CodeCanyon.
  • Go to ‘Purchased License’ and download it.
  • Upload the plugin on WordPress.
  • Go to General Settings of Master Popups
  • Active your plugin by entering your Envato username.
  • Connect it to your email marketing service.

You can integrate Master Popups with tons of email marketing services like Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, etc.

Make Money Sending Emails

Now is the time to make money with emails using All you need is to log in to your free account, click on ‘Emails’ and start sending email campaigns.

You can create beautiful email newsletters and send them to your subscribers. You can also use‘s autoresponder to email your subscribers regularly. also offers powerful segmentation features that help you target your email campaigns more effectively.

Here’s how to make money with emails:

  • Understand your audience.
  • Introduce a relevant product or service to your email subscribers.
  • Upsell premium offers or exclusive products.
  • Provide valuable content that helps your subscribers achieve their goals.
  • Track the results of your email campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

So, these are some of the best ways to make money with emails using I hope you found this post helpful.


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