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How To Limit Number Of Devices Connected To Hotspot Android 10

Although it is not advisable to use your Smartphone as your main source of Internet, they are times we have no choice but to improvise and use them especially in situations where our main source of Internet connection (Wi-Fi, LAN) is unavailable.

In this article, Daily Tech Vibes will guide you on how to set up your mobile Internet hotspot on Android and also how to limit the number of devices that can connect to your Internet hotspot.

Normally, the Internet hotspot button can be easily located at the device’s quick settings drawer (pull down the notification bar), but this would only give you the option to switch on/off the mobile Internet hotspot. Before using your android Internet hotspot, it is advisable to configure it to meet your needs.

The Android 10 hotspot interface is similar to other Android versions, it can be easily accessed from the Android’s quick draw setting but to configure your Android 10 Internet hotspot you will need to follow the steps given below.

Steps to configure Android 10 mobile hotspot connect:

  • Open the Settings menu ⚙
  • Click Network & Internet 
  • Click Hotspot & Tethering
  • Click Wi-Fi hotspot

On this page, you can see options to switch the hotspot on/off. To configure the Android 10 hotspot to your specifications you need to do the following;

  • Click on Hotspot name (change the default name to your preferred name, this name will be broadcasted from your Android 10 Internet hotspot to other Wi-Fi enabled devices).
  • Click Security and select WPA2 PSK (this is to encrypt your Android 10 Internet hotspot so that only people with your password can connect to the hotspot). Select None if you want your Internet hotspot to be open and anyone can connect without your permission.
  • Click on Hotspot password to change the default Android hotspot password to your preferred one (using an alphanumeric password is advised). 
  • Click on Advanced to see more features and configure your Android 10 hotspot more.
    • Turn off hotspot automatically (this is a battery saving feature that helps reduce Android battery consumption by automatically switching off the Internet hotspot when no device is connected to it for 10 minutes).
    • AP Band (Just as Bluetooth have versions, Wi-FI also have bands. Normally you would see two options 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz If you choose 2.4 your device would only broadcast to devices that support 2.4GHz band if you choose 5.0 only devices that supports that band would seen your Android mobile hotspot).
    • Reset OOB (should in case you get stuck or face errors this would take your Android mobile hotspot to its default settings).
    • Maximum connection (you can use this to limit the number of devices that connect to Android 10 Internet hotspot). Normally, only 10 devices can connect to your Android Internet hotspot but you can limit the connect to 1 device.
    • Connected users (this shows you the number and name of devices connected to your Android Internet hotspot). You can also see the MAC and IP address to every device connected, you can use this feature to block devices from connecting to your Android hotspot.
    •  Blocked users (this shows a list of every device that has been blocked from connecting to your mobile hotspot, you can also unblock them)

Once that has been completed, you have successfully configured your Android Internet hotspot, now you can easily turn on/off your Android hotspot from the quick draw menu.

Here is a tutorial video from YouTube:

It is important to note that the instructions given here are based on Google Android stock settings, android device manufacturers might choose to change the UI and it would look different from what we posted here.

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