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How To Add a Watermark to your Photos

Add a Watermark to your Photos (without Photoshop)

Hello, Today I’m going to show you quickly how to add a watermark to your photos, the cool thing with this app that I am about to recommend is that it’s all done online. Best of all, it’s free of charge, so there’s absolutely no reason. For you to go out, spend a fortune on programs like Photoshop, yet it could be all done here. 

Am going to walk you through the process starting from scratch on how you’ll make your own watermark, then apply it to your images and then you can export those images from the application and this all should take less than five minutes.

So, First you’ll visit this website Watermark , then click on “go to app” on the top right of the website.

How to add watermarks to your photos

Then the application will open and it’ll look like below, and yes if it is your first time visiting the website, it’ll give you a tour on the functionalities of the website. So make sure you take that tour to learn more about what the application does.

How to add watermarks to your photos

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Next, you’ll have to import the images that you want to add watermarks to. Then go ahead to create your desired watermark by clicking the plus icon on your left and you’ll have four options that are, to create a custom watermark, title, border, and banner watermark.

How to add watermarks to your images

After creating your desired watermark, the app will take you back to the images you want to add watermarks to, and all you’ll be required to do is to click on the watermark that you have just created on your left to apply it to the images. If satisfied with the results, click the export button which is on the top right.

How to add watermarks to your photos

Options to rename your photo, resize, and file type will appear in a dark tab named export settings on your right. Select the desired options then hit the export button at the bottom of that dark tab, then your watermark applied image will download to your computer.

How to add watermarks to your photos

And yes, Images exported will still have the quality just as good as they had when they were imported. Don’t forget, all this is free of charge to you, so you don’t to pay money on big programs like Photoshop. Simply come here. Thanks.

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