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How Much Does Google Know About You

We all know how big Google is on the internet. Right? Someone may even say it’s the King of online search and no one in return will disagree. But have you ever considered that Google may know more than you think about you? Do you have any idea of what Google stores about your lifestyle, your interests and how you interact with the internet?

Well, those are a lot of questions that you needed to ask yourself in the past. Recently Google updated a system through which you can know and alter what Google has on you.
It’s a dashboard. Google calls it “My Activity page”. This is the page with all your activity online especially ones you did through Google’s services like Search history, Games,  News, Maps, Books, Google Now , Chrome, YouTube activity, Image Search, Video Search, Finance, Shopping, Developers etc. In here you can see almost everything Google has on you in one single place. Activities can be filtered based on different apps and a simple search box at the top of the page. You can delete anything here you don’t want Google to keep about you.

Google has referred to this as “A central place to view and manage your activity, the most visited websites, and your favorite videos”. However, we all know how Google claims to only use this information to serve you better with more helpful search suggestions and more relevant ads so you may want to be care full as you delete stuff from here. (Some times)

You may Visit Google’s “My Activity Page“ and take a look yourself.

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