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Ever wondered what happens in an internet minute.


  • In our everyday lives, not much may happen in a minute. But when gauging the depth of internet activity occurring all at once, it can be extraordinary. Today, around five billion internet users exist across the globe.

The internet minute.

At the heart of the world’s digital activity are the everyday services and applications that have become staples in our lives. Collectively, these produce unimaginable quantities of user activity and associated data.

Here are just some of the key figures of what happens in a minute:

  • Amazon customers spend $283,000
  • 12 million people send an iMessage
  • 6 million people shop online
  • Instacart users spend $67,000
  • Slack users send 148,000 messages
  • Microsoft Teams connects 100,000 users
  • YouTube users stream 694,000 videos
  • Facebook Live receives 44 million views
  • Instagram users share 65,000 photos
  • Tiktok users watch 167 million videos

As these facts show, Big Tech companies have quite the influence over our lives. That influence is becoming difficult to ignore, and draws increasing media and political attention. And some see this attention as a plausible explanation for why Facebook changed their name—to dissociate from their old one in the process.

These companies also earn big from the massive data they possess per minute;

  • Amazon $955,517 per minute
  • Apple     $848,090 per min.
  • Google   $433,014 per min.
  • Microsoft $327,823 per min.
  • Facebook $213,628 per min.

Most of the trillions of dollars in stocks owned by these big tech enterprises can be retraced to the activities on the respective applications. In other words, the 5.7 million Google searches that occur every minute is the key to their $433,014 in per minute sales.

Internet population.

The numbers of internet connected people has tremendously increased overtime nearly doubling every two years hence leading to increased activities on the internet.

Here are just some areas that have experienced impressive growth:

  • In 2016, Snapchat users 527k photos per minute, compared to 2 million in 2021
  • In 2017, Twitter saw 452k Tweets per minute, compared to 575k in 2021
  • In 2018, $862,823 was spent online shopping, while 2 million people were shopping per minute in 2021
  • In 2019, 4.5 million videos on YouTube were being viewed every minute, while in 2021 users were streaming 694k hours
  • In 2020, Netflix users streamed 404k hours per minute, growing to 452k hours in 2021

Currently about 5billion people are connected and access the internet but the number is expected to grow steadily over the decade, with averagely 45% of the people in the top 5 most populous countries not yet connected, there is room for growth.

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