Ever Wonder Why ” C ” is Always the Default Drive in Windows? Mystery Unveiled

A question that has bothered some people and almost every one of us finally has an answer.

Computers, which were thought of as a luxury a few years back, are now a necessity in many sectors. But as computer usage continues to grow, a few questions have surfaced among which is about the mysterious drive letter “C” as the default windows drive. if you are one of those that have always ignored this, sit back and read on.

Naming the default drive “C” does not follow any order in particular. Logically, “A” should be the default drive letter. The reason why “C”, lays in the history of the computer and related to the floppy drives. Before the hard disks became standard (1980), floppy disks were used in the past for booting the computers and were available in two sizes at that time 5 1/4 ” and 3 1/2″.

Those two floppy disk drives were labeled as Local Disk(A) and Local Disk(B). After the invention of the Hard disk, floppy disks of 8 inches came into existence.

When the Hard disk drives came in existence, they were named C and became standard due to some reasons like large storage capacity. then the floppy disk drives. There and then, the floppy disks became obsolete and the drive names A and B vanished.

As a result, drives other than default drive (C) labeled as D, E, etc. then some times the DVD and USB drives labeled F, G, etc.

And this my friends, Is the answer why “C” has for long been the default drive in windows.

Despite all this, you can still rename your default drive to whichever letter you want if you have administrative rights on the machine ( if no other drive is present with the same letter).

Bonus Facts:

  • Notably, UNIX based systems (and similar, such as Linux-based) do not use drive letters, but rather a single hierarchical setup. So, for example, the root of the hierarchy is simply “/” instead of “C:”.  “/home” might really be its own separate physical disk (or logical) drive mounted to that point in the hierarchy or might not.  Similarly, any physical or logical drive can be mounted just about anywhere on this hierarchy.
  • MS-DOS didn’t always use “C” as the default for the hard drive on every system.  For instance, on the Apricot PC released in 1983, “A” and “B” were reserved for hard drives and “C” and “D” for floppy drives.
  • Windows Founder “Bill Gates” tops Forbes’ list of billionaires with a net worth as of March 2015 of $78.6 billion as of now (2016).


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