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Download TM WhatsApp v8.20

(Anti-Ban Version) 2022 (with VPN proxy)

Combining WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, and GBWhatsApp results in TM WhatsApp. A WhatsApp that has all the incredible features from the best WhatsApp modifications ever created.

In this article, we’ll explain some of TMWhatsapp’s features and show you how to download it on an Android device. On your Android device, you can get the excellent WhatsApp mod from the link below.

Download TM WhatsApp v8.20

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TM WhatsApp has the ability to delete or recall messages that were sent in error even after several hours or days.
Stop, pause, or pretend that (Last Seen).
Expiration date extension.
VPN proxy added for unblocking WhatsApp.
At once, send several messages to numerous contacts.
converting to WAMOD app style.
able to change to an older UI (2014)
Animations in the background, such as snow, rain, lightning, and water.
REST mode (Disable internet on WhatsApp).
Anti-Revoke (Prevents messages from being deleted from your side)
conceal custom conversations (using pattern).
Group counter-statistics.
The primary screen displays popups for Online and Last Seen.
Change the ticks and bubble styles, and use the theme server to download and apply themes.
Send audio files up to 100MBs in size rather than the standard 16MBs on WhatsApp.
Instead of using the standard 16MB WhatsApp limit, send videos that are 50MBs in size, send 100 documents at once as opposed to 30 in a typical WhatsApp message.
Instead of the standard WhatsApp limit of 10, send 100 photos at once.
On standard WhatsApp, extend the video status to 7 minutes as opposed to 30 seconds.
Plan to send messages at a later time (No more need to wake up to wish a friend a happy birthday).
As opposed to the 139 characters on standard WhatsApp, you can now add up to 250 characters to your status.
Send groups text broadcasts.
Separate broadcast messages from regular communications.
When you clear chat, filter the messages.
duplicate a friend’s status
Modify the notification icon and app icon.
able to coexist with any other WhatsApp that is installed, eliminating the need to uninstall them.
Try it out to see all the features, among others.

Download TM WhatsApp v8.20 Download TM WhatsApp v8.10 Download TM WhatsApp v7.79

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