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Dr. Tom’s Classroom is excited to announce that the new DTC HVAC & Refrigeration Course Is Here!


Raleigh, North Carolina – Dr. Tom Brown and his team are very proud to announce that Dr. Tom’s Classroom now offers a brand-new HVAC & Refrigeration PE Exam Review, specifically developed for the CBT format exam.

With the addition of our new HVAC & Refrigeration PE Exam Review, Dr. Tom’s Classroom now offers reviews for all three Mechanical PE Exams, each specifically developed for the CBT format exam.

It has long been a goal at DTC to add an HVAC & Refrigeration PE Exam Prep review to the lineup. After completing their new Machine Design & Materials and Thermal & Fluid Systems Reviews for the CBT format exam in 2020 and having a 95% Pass Rate for that year, now was the perfect time to apply the Dr. Tom Method for CBT to the HVAC Exam.

The team was also fortunate to find a spectacular instructor to join Dr. Tom in teaching this course, Dr. Stephen Terry, PE. Like Dr. Tom, Steve is an experienced and passionate instructor, and he has been teaching HVAC and energy related courses for over 20 years at NCSU and around the United States.

So, to all you HVAC engineers out there, it’s time to achieve your extraordinary.

Take a look at everything the new HVAC PE exam prep course has to offer and sign up soon to begin your DTC HVAC & Refrigeration PE Exam Review today.


“I PASSED!!!! Your step-by-step course really did make all the difference! This was my third attempt at taking this thing. The first time I took an in-person study course, a lot of theory, not great with the problem practice. The second time I tried to study on my own…not good. And my third time I found you and your course! Thank you so much for everything! I took the HVAC & Refrigeration exam. Honestly, your course and teaching method really made the difference for me! I knew I had to get all the “Low Hanging Fruit” and especially any problems that were “On the Ground, Rotting!” I followed your advice and made sure not to get stuck and did a first time through just scanning and picking up the problems I felt most comfortable answering first. Your class was really great because I felt like in every video, you genuinely and sincerely wanted to help us pass this test. Like all great teachers and mentors, you made me not want to disappoint you, even though I’d never really talked with you directly. You are an excellent teacher, and the course is one of the most reasonably priced courses I could find and discovering that it was also so amazing was really a pleasant surprise. I want to thank you so much for everything. Thanks Again!!! I will definitely recommend your course to others I know who are considering taking the test!” – Erica Kerr, PE, North Las Vegas, NV

“I took the PE exam for the first time and passed. I feel Dr. Tom’s class was not only very critical in my passing of the exam, but it was exactly what I was looking for in a review course. I took the HVAC/Refrigeration exam and Dr. Tom’s class touched on and covered all the subjects needed to be successful. It was very daunting in the beginning because the exam can cover so many topics – many of which I have limited knowledge and background. Dr. Tom’s class laid out the important subjects and gave me a guide to be successful. I was very pleased with all the materials Dr. Tom’s class gave to aid in my success – study guides, weekly schedules, practice problems, video lessons, and a question/answer forum. Dr. Tom was very dedicated to helping and answering all the questions I posted along the way. I would recommend the 20-week course to anyone taking the exam. Thanks for all your help, Dr. Tom!” – Britt, PE, Alexandria, VA

Be sure to check it out today!

About Dr. Tom’s Classroom:

Every year, hundreds of Mechanical Engineers choose our comprehensive, online PE Exam Review courses because they offer preparation that actually works and because they’ve heard about our commitment to your success. Our courses can work for you too because they are based on the proven “Dr. Tom Method” that will give you the best chance of passing the exam.

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Dr. Tom Brown
Dr. Tom’s Classroom
LLC PO Box 12723 Raleigh, NC 27605
(888) 945-6878

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