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5G’s Economic Impact

How will 5G affect the world’s economy ?

• $13.2 Trillion dollars of global economic output
• 22.3 Million new jobs created
• $2.1 Trillion dollars in GDP growth

Through a landmark 5G Economy study, it has been found out that 5G’s full economic effect will likely be realized across the globe by 2035 that’s 15 years from now, supporting a wide range of industries and potentially enabling up to $13.2 trillion worth of goods and services.

This impact is much greater than previous network generations. The development requirements of the new 5G network are also expanding beyond the traditional mobile networking players to industries such as the automotive industry.

Research also has it that the 5G value chain (including OEMs, operators, content creators, app developers, and consumers) could alone support up to 22.3 million jobs. And there are many emerging and new applications that will still be defined in the future. Only time will tell what the full “5G effect” on the economy is going to be.

But to sum it all up the future is bright and creamy this will be an innovation worth a try.

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