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5 Hacks To Grow Your Instagram Audience.

Instagram is arguably one of the fastest growing social applications with an active community of atleast 150million people who make 1.5million likes and share about 55million images “daily”. I gathered information from a number of Ugandan instagram “big-wigs” and came up with these 8 basic hacks any “Instagramer” who desires to grow there audience should follow.
Disclaimer; This is not a “miracle formula” but a guide for those ready to put in the effort. Surely hard work pays. Having cleared that, lets dive into it …

1. Patience and a desire to grow.
Growth as experienced on Earth is a process, it takes times to move from one level to another. It is therefore essential that anyone who intends to “grow” there account prepare to “grow through the process”.

Donot expect engagement to grow in out of space but rather to take on the form of a step at a time. Patience is key because with it you willnot fall into disappointment when you dont hit your targets.

2. Have a target/ goal.
A target is a set point of attainment, an achievement limited by time. You cannot grow without “growing” because to grow itself means moving from one point to another. You MUST have a set Point/ goal so as to identify and measure your growth.

You must have the idea of ” I want to grow my account from here to there!” An example of a target can be; To get atleast a new follower a day. With a set goal , Patience and the neccesary work you will start to see increase in engagment.

3. The Bio is your hero.
Many people forget about there bio and yet according to research a majority of Instagrammers read the bio first before engaging with an account. The bio summarizes the “who” you are and therefore should always be kept updated and attractive.
Its advisable to use less words mixed with emojis to make an attractive first impression. Remember that people believe and take you for what your bio says. Be creative but original

4.Find a passion and share it.
From photography, Art, travel, clothing name it. Find something you love doing and share it with the world. This attracts those interested in such a field hence increasing engagement and also gives your potential followers another reason to hit the follow button. Consistency and quality are key to retaining those followers.

5. Tell more “Stories”.
Instagram Stories are soon going to be the main avenues of interaction in social networking and IG specifically is currently trying out full page story feeds. Stories are fast replacing the tradition post feed. If you are to grow your account you must prepare for this “new normal” bt sharing more about you in the stories than post feed. You should also endever to watch your followers stories (it’s all about give and take) hence encouraging them to watch yours.

You should also focus on the various story “tweacks” like hashtag, location etc in order to increase visibility of these stories increasing engagement.

Follow these hacks religiously (yes i mean it) if you dare to witness growth in your Instagram engagement be it likes, follows or comments.

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