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17 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts You Aren’t Using



Here we go, tighten your seat belt:

  1. Create a virtual desktop  (hold WINDOWS KEY + CTRL + D for windows  & CONTROL + UP if you are using a MAC laptop). This will switch to a fresh new desktop and you are ready to go.
  2. Switch between two virtual desktops (hold WINDOWS KEY + CTRL for windows  & CONTROL for MAC Users)Switch between all the virtual desktops you have created by using the left and right keys.
  3. Closing virtual desktops (hold WINDOWS KEY + CTRL +F4 for windows &  OPTIONS KEY and press the X that appears over the desktop on a MAC ). There you are done with closing the virtual desktops.
  4. Minimize multiple windows ( hold WINDOWS KEY +M ). So this will minimize all open windows at once.
  5. Peek at the desktop(hold WINDOWS KEY +, for windows users & COMMAND +F3 for MAC users). You’ll have a peek at the desktop.
  6. Open apps on the taskbar (hold WINDOWS KEY + numbers(1-9) of the app on the taskbar). Each app on your taskbar has a number.
  7. Split-screen between two apps (open one app and hold WINDOWS KEY + LEFT ARROW & open another app and hold WINDOWS KEY + RIGHT ARROW). These two applications shall share the screen.

Take a break because there is more to come.

  1. Switch apps (  hold CTRL + ALT + TAB  for windows users &  CONTROL + TAB for MAC users). This will show you all the applications running on your PC.
  2. Program management and troubleshootingCTRL + SHIFT + ESC for windows users & COMMAND +OPTION + ESCAPE for MAC  users).This will open the task manager which will help you force quit any malfunctioning application.
  3. Open file explorer (hold WINDOWS KEY  + E  for Windows users & MAC users this is your finder app). So you don’t have to pin your explorer on the taskbar.
  4. Use the magnifier (hold WINDOWS KEY + +OR- for windows users &  ALT,COMMAND + +OR- for MAC users ). Where the + &- signs are for zoom in and out respectively.
  5. Take screenshots (hold WINDOWS KEY + PRINT SCREEN(PRT SC) for windows users COMMAND +SHIFT +3 for mac users ). You will have captured a screenshot of your computer screen.
  6. Use action center ( hold WINDOWS KEY + A for windows users). This is available in newer versions of windows.
  7. Access the settings (hold WINDOWS KEY + I ). This is for Windows users.
  8. Talk to Cortana or Siri ( press WINDOWS KEY +C for windows users & COMMAND + SPACE for MAC users ).
  9. Use the windows game bar (press WINDOWS KEY + G for windows users & SHIFT + COMMAND +5 to record the screen while playing games for MAC users).
  10. Lockdown your pc (press WINDOWS KEY +L for windows users &  SHIFT + COMMAND +Q for MAC users). Be sure to remember your password because you’ll need it to open your PC again.

Which hotkeys make your time on the computer smoother and faster? Let everybody know down in the comments!

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